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"This little guy may be small, but it works! I bought it to put on my desk while working because I only need AC in one room. I am thinking my family will take this camping too as it is so easy to pick up and take anywhere you go! The best part is it is portable and fits almost anywhere. I love it so much I purchased another one for my two kids and we use it in their bedroom at night so they can sleep in a cool room. Best summer purchase yet!"

Olivia E.

"I honestly didn’t expect this to be worth the money at all, but it is impressive!! I knew it was small when I ordered it, so I figured it wouldn’t be capable of much but my air conditioning is out right now so I thought it would still be better than nothing. I was very wrong! It has a great air flow on high and with the ice it blows so cold I can’t believe it! I am so impressed with it. It’s definitely small but it is powerful and surprisingly effective!"

Belinda F.

"This mini unit is small but powerful. I bought it to blow on me while sleeping at night. The ceiling fan just wasn't cutting it. I have been having some of the best nights of sleep with this mini AC. The best part is that my wife and I keep the house AC off and just use this device in our room when we go to bed. We are saving so much energy and our monthly bill has gone down. It is a win-win."

Nathan B.